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Nine year old Rachel likes "to write poems and silly stories," because "it's fun." She reads mysteries, and says The Hobbit is her favorite book, "because it's scary." Rachel lives with her family in Seattle.

Sara's Garden

Sara's garden was her favorite place to be. It was beautiful. Her mother had planted it for her when she was little. It was her thinking spot, because it was very quiet there, and it was away from the road. Sara and her mother went there often when they wanted a quiet place.

But one day, the city decided to build a highway through her big garden. Sara and her mother would not let that happen. They called the city council numerous times and put up signs.

Nobody in the neighborhood wanted to have a highway there, so the council gave up. They decided that they would not build the highway after all.

Sara was very happy and almost losing her garden made her like it even more.

~by Rachel

© 1998 by Cayuse Press