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Issue #3, December 1998

All poetry, stories, memoirs and letters copyrighted by the individual authors. Permission to reprint material in The Horsethief's Journal was granted by the individual authors. All other written material copyrighted by Cayuse Press. All artwork is from free, public domain sources, or created from those sources by Cayuse Press.

© 1998 by Cayuse Press.
All Rights Reserved.


A Few Words From the Editor

With the publication of Issue #3, you'll notice a slightly different look to The Horsethief's Journal. The website is growing! It now includes a new magazine in the Cayuse Press family, The Green Tricycle. Check it out, and then check out the other new features -- webrings, cool sites page, and an expanded Letters from All Over.

The Horsethief's Journal has been honored since Issue #2 came out last summer. In September we were awarded Tripod's "Best of Pod," from the Writer's Block Pod. On the same day, the Cyber Excellence Award, from Ernest Slyman's HomePage, was bestowed! What a fabulous day that was!

In October, The Horsethief's Journal was awarded: The Magic Window and the Cuddly Site Award [for The Young Authors' Page] from The Zelda Moon; The Award of Excellence, from Home & Hearth; and the Golden Globe Award of Excellence, from Web Creations.

All of the webmasters' comments were simply marvelous. Tripod's Roxanne Tracey, Writer's Block Poderator, said, "...not only does your site have both class and simplicity, but the showcased writing is really excellent!" Poet Ernest Slyman said, "Stopped by your site. Terrific pages. Great Design. Great contribution to the World Wide Web. I am much impressed." Graphic designer, Xung Phung of Web Creations, said, "I have visited your website and found it to be fantastic, very well designed." Ben Stanley of Heart & Home, "...was very impressed..." and extended "congratulations on producing a Web Site that reflects a very high standard of creativity and professionalism on the WWW. A wonderful resource for children and adults...Excellent quality of content and ease of navigation." Michelle Toth of The Zelda Moon said, "I just love your site!" and added, "In the kid's section, Lindsey's story about the found diary was captivating!"

Thank you all very much! We're stunned, happy, and excited about the artistic success The Horsethief's Journal has begun to enjoy. Many of you have e-mailed your praise, and even a few of you have signed the guestbook, which we also like.

More awards came rolling in about the same time a bolt of lightning split the power pole, blew out the transformer and fried the fax, the phone, and oh, yes, the modem. Since then, we've been scrambling to get the new one to work properly, to get the issue out on time, and prepare for the end of the year holidays, with all the attendant hoopla, before another disaster befell the offices of Cayuse Press. The Duchess Friendly Award and StarSabre's Award were the newest awards at press time, and featured on the Cayuse Press page. Please view all the awards on the Awards page.

We'd like to bestow more thanks -- first to all the writers who took a chance on an unknown commodity, and offered their works to us for publication. You are courageous and we applaud you heartily! Without your outstanding work, we could not have created this journal. Thanks go, too, to friends near and far who have supported this project. You're great pals -- by phone, by e-mail, and in person. An extra special Thank You goes to DJB for being such a cool guy, too!

Thank You, Dear Reader for reading this latest issue. If this is your first time here, check out the two previous issues. If you're a Horsethief regular, why not sign the guestbook and tell the world you read The Horsethief's Journal? You'll find the link on the Back Page. We'd love to read your comments, and we'd like others to read them too.

Until next time, happy reading!

~The Editors

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