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Palm Springs, California, March 1998
Dear Editor:
When we got off the plane from Seattle, it was 92 degrees. Though they only get one inch of rain per year in this desert, El Niño has provided so much rain this year, even long time residents are impressed with the desert's beauty. They've never witnessed such a rich abundance of desert flowers. I am going happily crazy with the desert "garden" of wild plants. We saw these 2000 year old palms in Indian Canyon. The birds are singing continually and where I am sitting, hummingbirds buzz up to my face to check me out. I picked my first citrus fruit and am gorging myself on the sweetness of tree ripened fruit. A lemon I picked was larger than this postcard!
~Laura Snyder

© by Laura Snyder

of the

Letters from All Over
Issue #1

Bangkok, Thailand, January 1998
Dear Editor:
Writing a story over here is just half the fun; getting it copied
is another matter. A month or so back, I had some sample
chapters to copy for sending to New York. I took a 3 baht
bus (the cheapest kind of bus) across town, hunched up next
to an old lady carrying a chicken in a wicker basket; all the
while, the chicken pecked at my sleeve. The windows were
all wide open and the heat was blowing through cracks in the
floor like a blast furnace. The driver had a loaded .38 revolver
on his dashboard, lodged next to his little, ivory Lord Buddha.

At the copy center, three clerks handled my work. One fed in a
page, another took it out, and the third stacked it up. A fourth
man rang up my order. A fifth smiled and opened the door for
me as I left.

It's really getting to be a dog's breakfast to get something
published. Sometimes I feel as if I've written a symphony, hired
an orchestra, then gone out into the middle of the woods to play
it. Nobody hears it but the chipmunks.

It's now ten o'clock in the morning and 96 degrees. If you can
write here, you can write anywhere.~Jay Smith

© by Jay Smith

Dows, Iowa, April 1998
Dear Editor,
Perhaps your readers can identify with my poem.

Spring Picnic

Better scamper with the hamper
and close the damper
in the camper!

~Otis Luce

© by Cayuse Press

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