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Mistee Naylor

Mistee Dawn Naylor studies writing at a Seattle-area college. She has been writing poetry for seven years, and cites her major influences as Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton. Her favorite quote, "Pain engraves a deeper memory," is by Anne Sexton. Mistee, who reads, "just about anything," is also inspired by art and music, and has discovered that while she has matured as a poet, she's still searching for her life's direction. "My life...seems to change from moment to moment. Poetry seems to be my genre in life," she wrote in a recent e-mail. She was born in Fairbanks, Alaska. "Not in an igloo," she jokes. "I've known about cars since birth...I do like cold weather, and yes, it's the most beautiful place on this...Earth."

Mistee can be reached at

Two Dreams


Eagle Feather

He is leery of me
trying to find me,
and me to find him. I am leery
is that why we do not find?
Am I too heedless, I cry?
Am I too?
Where do we meet?
By Eagle Feather we find?
Where do our eyes connect,
where does Grandfather ceremony
our breath? Where does Grandmother
weep? Do I not know our implications?
Do I show fear?
Am I wary of them? Do I know?

Grandfather, Grandmother
please find me to him
Grandfather, Grandmother,
O Mystery!
I look up to the stars, I see you,
please see me! Meet us
by Eagle Feather.



by leaving Eagle Feather
for me to meet~
He hunts into my thoughts,
shy of my shyness.
He becomes my mother, knowing me
because she never did.
He becomes my father,
who never was.
He hunts into me,
so see us howling at the edge!
to thank the Grandfathers,
to thank the Grandmothers,
the Mystery!
that we howl as One.

~Mistee Naylor

© by Mistee Naylor

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