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Eleven year old Natalie lives in Seattle with her family. She says, "I like to write about things that usually couldn't really happen. It's fun to use your imagination, and write it into stories. I like to read mysteries, scary stories, and adventurous stories." Her favorite book is Black Beauty, because, "it's sad and adventurous."

Poems and Stories

My Cats

Simba is my youngest cat.
In the Lion King you would think
he's a superstar.
Really, he doesn't even know
the lion named Scar.
Tabra is my other cat.
She is as black as a black
black bat.
Tabra and Simba get in kitty fights
Some times they get along just
They both like the rug with the picture
of a cat on it.
That is where they fight over sometimes
to sit.
Both cats are just
great together.
One of their favorite toys is the
green feather.

The Scary Rug

The scary rug is as scary as it can be.
It's just so scary, it scares me.
"It's my owners fault," said Tabra the cat.
"It should be taken away, and that's that."
Now Tabra is starting to really get used to it.
Before she was throwing a scary rug fit.

The Famous Pooch

"And we have lift-off!"

On July 20, 2001, NASA's American Flyer lifted off into space. In it was Pooch, a terrier dog. He would be the first dog to land on the moon. Mr. Elly, Miss Ram, and Mr. Rem, were the human astronauts on the fight.

Five days later, the space ship reached the moon. Everyone got off, including Pooch. Everyone felt really light on the moon. Pooch was just jumping up and down, when all of a sudden he fell into a big crater out of sight of the others.

After a few minutes Miss Ram noticed that Pooch was missing. "Hey, guys, we have to find Pooch! He's missing!" said Miss Ram.

Finally, Mr. Elly found Pooch in the crater with a weird creature sitting right next to him. "Hurry! Get the camera," said Mr. Elly.

"We forgot to put any film in it," said Mr. Rem.

"Then just come and see this for yourself," said Mr. Elly.

The creature looked like a six-legged squirrel with big black eyes and a fluffy brownish grayish tail.

Pooch found the first creature that anyone from earth had ever seen on the moon. "Pooch, you're going to be famous," said Miss Ram.

The next day, they set off back to earth again.

The Skittle Rainbow

One day Abbie was watching TV, when this commercial came on about Skittles. This guy planted a Skittle in the ground and then out popped a rainbow that dropped Skittles. Abbie hated commercials that made up something that everyone knew really couldn't happen.

She loved Skittles, though. She ate one bag everyday.

One sunny day, Abbie was walking through a field of tall yellow dandelions, when all of a sudden she noticed that she had dropped a red Skittle in a small round hole in the ground. (Red was her favorite.)

Suddenly, a red bean rose out of the round and dropped red Skittles. Abbie decided to drop the orange, yellow, and green in the hole too. Out popped an orange, yellow and green bean which dropped Skittles, too.

Abbie ran home to get some buckets to fill with Skittles. Soon she returned home with three buckets full of Skittles.

"What have you been up to?" asked Abbie's mother.

"Oh, just collecting Skittles that fell out of the rainbow." Before her mother could say anything, Abbie rushed to her room and took a nap.

That night Abbie's mother said to her husband, "Frank, do you think that here is something wrong with Abbie? This afternoon she came home with three buckets full of Skittles. She said that she had been collecting Skittles that had fallen out of a rainbow. She was very serious, too."

"Oh, Mary, it was probably Abbie's imagination," replied Abbie's father.

"But Abbie's fourteen," said her mother, nervously.

"Oh, Mary, just get some sleep," Frank said.

The next morning Abbie quickly gulped down her breakfast. "Bye, Mom."

"Wait! Where are you going?" asked her mother.

"I'm going to get some Skittles," said Abbie.

"But where are you going to get the Skittles?"

"From the rainbow in the field of dandelions."

"I'm going with you to see what you're up to," said Abbie's mother.


So together, they set off for the rainbow. When Abbie and her mother arrived, Skittles were falling from the rainbow.

Abbie's mother's face turned pale and she fainted. Abbie ran to nearby Plum Creek, filled it with water and splashed it on her mother's face.

"Abbie! You got me all wet!" her mother cried.

"Sorry, Mom, but you fainted."

"Oh, honey, this is so strange!" said Abbie's mother. "But wonderful! Now you can go to the rainbow to get your Skittles instead of going to the store to get them. That way it will be free and you won't have to pay any money or walk very far," said Abbie's mother.

And from then on, that's how Abbie got her Skittles.

~by Natalie

© 1998 by Cayuse Press