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Michaela, age 9, lives in Seattle and loves to read "adventures and comics." Though her favorite books are about the lives of the saints, her favorite character is Bugs Bunny, "because he is really funny!" She enjoys writing "because it is fun."

Six Poems and One Story

My Name is Michaela

Michaela is my name.
I like to swim and I
like to write.
But most of all,
I like to skate.


Cats are fat or thin
have a brain or not.
Cats are cute, some ugly.
No one can tell them apart.
Cat in my house probably not
in yours. Three cats in my
house. How many in yours?
None, some, one.
Just tell me.
I won't care if it's one.

Sadie the Cat

Sadie the old reliable
goes coo coo clock
she is so square, now
don't you dare make
her into a block.

My Cat Priscilla

My cat is fat, cute,
and cuddly. I love her
so much, but I can't sleep
with her any more because I'm
allergic to her. But I
still love her.

The Bed

Low beds are easy for cats to get onto, but high beds aren't. Water beds are comfortable to cats. Cats are happy to be on a water bed and here is a story of my cat.

This story is true also.

Once, when I had my old bed, my cat couldn't get on it, but now that I have one that's lower, she will get on it when she can, but she is always in trouble if I see her on it. My bed looks like a couch. It has porcelain hearts and round porcelain things you can hang towels, hats and other things.


Polly the puppy, the little guppy,
rhymes with every thing --
golly, dolly, molly, gappy, polly.
The puppy is a cute little puppy.

Worms Are Slimy

Worms are slimy, mucky, and yucky.
Sometimes I pick them up. Birds
eat them, but I never see them do it.
They eat them and feed them to their babies.
I named two worms. One is Thunderbolt,
but I forgot the other one's name.
I think a bird got them, and
I haven't seen them since.

~by Michaela

© 1998 by Cayuse Press